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Effective Treatments with the Light Therapy Box


Nowadays, the uses of Light therapy box treatments are becoming more and more. From the treatment of seasonal affective disorders (SAD), winter depression, chronic fatigue, bipolar disorders, and muscle pains to acne – studies have shown that 80% of people who undergo this kind of therapy have high treatment success. But researches on these treatments are still in its infancy stage, especially that light therapy is not 100% accepted by the medical field at this point in time.

Lately, information about light therapy has been found out, with the light therapy box playing a major part in it. In the study, it was found out that the key is the intensity of the light which is called the lux with light therapy box intensity ratings given at a specific distance from the unit as light diminishes with distance. The light therapy box requires a minimum of 2,500 lux to be effective, but with the findings, researchers and doctors recommend that a 10,000 lux be used as it is more powerful, and is considered significantly higher than any standard indoor lighting. Natural sunlight can only match a 10,000 lux of the light therapy box on a very bright sunny day. And because natural sunlight levels are unpredictable because of weather changes, location and season, other options are needed to achieve this such as the light therapy.

And to fulfill that necessity, various light therapy box products are available to match everyone’s needs. One of the best light treatment boxes are those made of metal fixtures that contain white fluorescent light bulbs behind a diffuser. This diffuser is necessary for it provides two purposes – one is to help the light therapy box to spread the light evenly over the unit surface and second, it absorbs and filters out the harmful UV rays.

Using the light therapy box needs it to be tilted slightly forward, which allows flexibility for the unit to allow light to enter into the eye areas of an individual. Tilting also decreases the brightness of the light, thus there it creates less glare and it helps the individual to be at ease during the treatment. Full spectrum lighting needs to have UV rays filtered out for both eye and skin--even though a critical part of the light therapy box is its intensity--with both UV-A and UV-B rays filtered out, producing less glare and more comfort to the individual.
For those who experience little side effects on using this kind of therapy, moving away a few inches from the light source and then gradually move back toward the light source for a period of two days to two weeks in increments until the full dose of 10,000 lux is achieved. Another way is to reduce the treatment tome to 15 minutes instead of the usual 30 minutes per day and then gradually move back the time up a few minutes per day until the desired exposure time is met.

There are light therapy boxes that are hand-held but there are also so called light therapy table that can be placed on a desktop. And aside for its medication purposes, it can also be used as an accent light box therapy that can be placed beside your worktable. One of the best known brands is the Apollo light box therapy which is a light box therapy for depression.

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