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The Power of Light Force Therapy


In the 1960s, Jana Sullivan developed a prototype of a hand-held device that became the origin of the Light Force Therapy. This form of therapy was based on the technology from photo-stimulation and used light emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce beams of light at specified frequencies and wavelengths.
This Force LED Light Therapy was developed from the technique introduced by Sullivan called photo-stimulation. This technique increased circulation and decreased inflammation which are usually associated with joint pain that prevents the range of motion.

The Light Force Therapy is approved by the FDA and is marked for its therapeutic use on animals especially that is original purpose was to alleviate pain for horses, and also for humans for pain relief. Either way, the light force therapy stimulates the body’s ability to relieve pain by using the power and energy of light. This process was the activity of certain cell components, and is considered a simple and effective way to control pain in a non-pharmaceutical manner. The light force therapy offers hope for anyone with chronic pain, such as degenerative disease or arthritis and even sprained ankles.

There was a study done in Kenya on patients with STD, HIV and AIDS on the control of wounds and bruises with the use of light emitting diodes as used in light force therapy and the results showed that there are two main sources of single wavelength light – both laser and light emitting diodes. As what studies have demonstrated, human cell actually responds better to the single wavelength of light, as compared to multiple wavelengths.

So what happens in this treatment is that multitude of physiological changes happen in the body once it undertakes the therapy. One advantage of the therapy, especially with children is that this kind of technique does not require the use of needles nor does the act of cutting and swallowing involved. Instead, children find this exciting because of the flashing lights and all.

The Light Force Therapy 9000 is a light force therapy unit for pain. This is a light unit developed into a hand-held machine, with 48 red and infrared LEDs and eight frequency settings. The device is placed near the affected skin area, whether a bruise, a sore or an open wound and exposed to it for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Additionally, the light force therapy can also act as an light force therapy pressure pain device where a one-minute application on body areas such as the palm of hand, soles of the feet, ears and stomach to open up the meridians and reflexology points for the entire body. This helps boost the immune system and clear energy blockages, a technique similar to that of acupuncture.

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