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Banish That Ugly Acne Through Acne Light Therapy


One of the most formidable parts of being a teenager (or undergoing puberty) is having to deal with these skin impurities called pimples or acne. This usually sprouts during the phase of puberty where the body undergoes a lot of physical and hormonal changes, which is why that the most affected by this are the teenagers and young adults. But aside from this, acne is also brought about by unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet and insufficient care for the skin.

Statistics show that among the most common types of acne that affects 17 million teens and young adults in the United States are the acne conglobata, which occurs in young men and the acne fulminans, which is a severe form of acne conglobata and is common among teen boys.

Many people who have this problem have resorted to various acne treatment medicines, especially those who have already the worst case of acne predicaments. And among the treatment that is fast-becoming a popular cure for severe acne is the so-called Acne Light Therapy which utilizes an acne light box that is prescribed for a period of time and directly exposed to the skin. A light therapy or phototherapy consists of exposure to daylight or to specific wavelengths of light using lasers, light-emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps, dichroic lamps or very bright, full-spectrum light by a so-called light box.

Blue-light therapy for acne is one of the light therapy treatments being used nowadays. There have also been studies that revealed that the mixture of blue and red light can in specific wavelengths have the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect upon the skin. The blue light when placed at a wavelength of 415 nm creates an anti-bacterial effect while the red light at 660 nm has an anti-inflammatory effect.

But the USDA only approves of the narrow-band, high-intensity blue-light therapy as an acne treatment and nowadays, it has become one of the best because this does not have ultraviolet light. This treatment is done within eight sessions in increments over four-weeks, with a session lasting for 15 minutes.

Fifty-five percent of the patients who have undergone this treatment have testified that they noticed some improvements on their skins appearance. The clear light acne treatment is also another light therapy that makes use, instead of blue light, clear light to clear the skin from acne impurities.

And as an addition, a study done in UK which included about 10,000 acne sufferers showed an 70% excellent results. These participants reported that they had significant acne improvements through the use of red-blue light therapy. A doctor from London, England named Dr. Tony Chu, one of the doctors in-charge of light therapy has devoted his career in the quest for the solution of acne problems.

He said that light therapy is the most significant advancement in the treatment of acne for two decades and has created an Acne Light Therapy device called the DermaLux. This device is a light therapy box that individuals with acne problems can sit in front of for 15 minutes per day. This device works by killing the acne-causing bacteria with the correct mixture of red and blue light emitted by the light box. In recent studies, the usage of light box is paired up with applying benzoyl peroxide cream, a known acne solution, twice daily.