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Comparison Shopping for Light Therapy Boxes


Using light therapy boxes for a bright light therapy is a method wherein the individual sits close to the light box with the eyes wide open, with the light shining upon the person’s face. It does necessarily require the individual to look directly into the light bulb and a person can read a book, write or eat while undergoing the treatment. Each treatment lasts for about 15 minutes to three hours, but this can be adjusted depending on the desired results. Maximum results can be achieved within a span of two days to several weeks depending on the severity of an individual’s condition. This therapy is pretty flexible for one can have the option to adjust his or her exposure time. Skipping treatments is also an option if too much exposure causes some problems to develop.

As it is with buying other things, purchasing light therapy boxes also needs consideration of several things for one to have the best of his or her investment. Factors such as light intensity, cost, style and personal preferences should be taken into consideration when buying a light therapy treatment box. The basic ideas behind light therapy boxes are simple. These are small, portable devices with light bulbs that are used to treat various diseases and disorders such as depression disorders of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). And one most popular light box therapy for depression is the brand of Apollo light box therapy.
Light therapy boxes come in various styles, such as a light therapy table that is designed to be placed on top of a desktop and the accent light box therapy that can be a perfect choice for those who would like to get some light therapy while at work. But one must always bear in mind that light therapy boxes should only be purchased and used under a doctor’s guidance. A lot of individuals do purchase these over the Internet, over-the-counter, in drugstores or even in hardware stores. But, not all light therapy boxes are safe and some may even come without proper instructions.

When looking for the best light therapy box to purchase, it should be considered that the intensity of the light box has the correct light at a comfortable seating distance. The most preferable is a 10,000-lux full spectrum light box. The greater the 10,000-lux distance, the further away the light therapy treatment can be given. And with this, a person can have their meal, work at their workspace or computer desk or read a book while still receiving the light treatment.

To get a full spectrum or broad spectrum light therapy boxes is another to consider upon. Full spectrum bulbs imitate natural sunlight while producing UV rays. Having a purple or bluish cast, they have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or above. The natural outdoor light is 100, with the full spectrum bulbs having a kelvin temperature of 5,000 or higher. Most light therapy boxes available nowadays offer full spectrum lights as this is closer to the natural sunlight but blocks out the UV rays through the diffuser screens. The other option which is the broad spectrum is close to a full spectrum but this comes without the UV rays and has a CRI of 82 and Kelvin temperature of 4200. This type is considered as being pure white light and most companies offer this from they have inflict no UV ray danger.