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Light Relief Therapy: The Easy Relief for That Pain


The Light Relief Therapy is device that helps relieve pain through the emission of infrared spectrum energy, providing topical heating to the affected body part, thus helping the body get back in shape. The infrared pain relief maintains the body tissues’ temperature, aside from elevating it. People who experience muscle pain, joint pain and muscle stiffness will find comfort in using the Light Relief Therapy. This procedure does not use radiation or x-rays, so this allows for a silent treatment that will provide very gentle and soothing warmth to the areas being treated.

The FDA has designated this device to be safe and effective for temporary relief of the body pains and as an aid in muscle relaxation. The device provides a temporary increase in the body’s blood circulation, allowing relaxation and pain relief, thus increasing the body’s range of motions. And the more that the affected area is applied with the device, the more effective it becomes in easing away the pain.

The unit has 59 colored and infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs), which consist of 24 infrared, 31 red and four blue that provides the gentle stream of soothing energy. There are heat buttons found on the unit which turns the device on and off, depending on the acceptance of the body to the energy massage. There are four frequency settings on this device – the start, low, medium and high. For the best results, the Light Relief Therapy device should be applied directly on the affected part in a gentle manner for instantaneous relief from pain.

A lot of people have considered buying more than a single unit of this device for them to be able to target many body parts all in the same time. Some people have the reasons that they want to keep one at home and the other at their work stations. And for those who already bought this product and used it for themselves have testified that within 15 minutes of use under the high frequency setting, instantly felt the relief from the injured muscles.

The Light Relief Therapy product comes with a two-year warranty that covers the device. The product’s kit includes a travel bag for the device, a Light Relief body band, a Light Relief Guide, an adjustable handles free strap, and a Light Relief Battery operated unit. The device fits perfectly into the palm of the hand so it is easy to handle plus it is durable, lightweight and portable. This is made of the highest quality standards and so easy to use so you can be flexible in treating any affected area of the body.
The Light Relief Therapy is a light therapy product that is specially developed for the relief of muscle and bodily pains.

There are also other light therapy products available that functions as treatment of other diseases or disorders such as light treatment for depression, light treatment for cancer, light treatment for eczema, ultraviolet light treatment which is a therapy used for psoriasis and the impulse light treatment for other skin problems.