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from: A Form of Energy Medicine--Light Therapy

Light therapy is a rather complicated alternative medicinal field in itself, and is considered a vibrational medicine that uses acupuncture points, meridians, chakras, reflex zones, and many other areas to alter unbalanced frequencies in the body.

Based on scientific principles, light therapy can also be considered a form of energy medicine in addition to the vibrational medicine. It pulsates to a particular frequency that can be restored through resonant vibration, in order to achieve balance in the system. This balance is constantly seeking to reassert itself from an unbalanced state, through its own wisdom and intelligent form whenever light therapy is brought into play.

The body's systems when it goes through some sort of crisis or trauma can not correct itself on its own, at least whenever a psychotic registration occurs. What consist in the makeup of the system of the body are the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and the emotional levels--all of which can be influenced by the application of light therapy. And since light therapy consists of vibration and resonance, the different areas of the body's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects have the ability to resonant to the many different vibrational frequencies.

In light therapy, the five physical senses are stimulated by vibration and resonance. This stimulation occurs with touch, color, light, sound, aroma, sacred geometry, and the use of crystals and gems. Receiving this stimulation can occur as an individual unit or as a total process, creating a balance in the system's physical aspect. When an imbalance begins to occur, the body becomes deficient or completely overwhelmed by any amount of the senses--one or as a group.

By realizing that the body requires a balanced stimulus effecting the body, the senses can be approached on a steady and regular basis by utilizing the senses through processes--such as light therapy. Only then can healthy restoration begin to occur with deep changes toward a balanced system in the body.

Light therapy is important, as our bodies require light on a daily basis. The full spectrum of light influences the entire body to maintain its health, in a world where society is continuously blocking this light by staying indoors or deflecting the many forms of the light spectrum through the use of sun screen, sunglasses, or contacts. Seeing as light enters our body 90% of the time through the eyes, the skin, and the chakras, it is important to receive this light spectrum in order to stimulate the endocrine system, the immune system, and the body's organs. As little as two hours of indirect sunlight offer the visible light spectrum, infrared, and ultraviolet light for a marked emotional well being and healthy body.

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