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Benefits of Light Force Therapy


Jana Sullivan invented Light Force Therapy (LFT) in the year 1960s. She developed a prototype of a hand-held device and eventually became the initial product of “Light Force Therapy”. From photo-stimulation, the new process used light emitting diodes to produce beams of light as specified frequencies and wavelengths.

FDA approved Light Force Therapy, marked for therapeutic use on both animals and humans for pain relief, especially as its original purpose was for the pain of horses. It is believed that LFT could stimulate the body’s ability to relieve pain by using power and energy of light. This process uses the activity of certain cell components, and is considered a simple end effective way to control pain in a non-pharmaceutical manner.

LFT is an additional option to the traditional medicine. LFT therapy does this by increasing circulation and blood flow to the affected area, thereby decreasing inflammation and increasing range of motion. This is a great option for people who don’t want to take pills or have tried ineffective therapies in the past.

LFT therapy helps deliver therapeutic benefits to living tissues. As the skin and underlying tissues absorb light, this triggers biological changes within the body. LFT therapy is non-invasive and has no known harmful side effects. It works without drugs and can be used on just about any type of acute or chronic discomfort.

But what does LIGHT FORCE THERAPY can do for us? It helps our body increase circulation, stimulate collagen production for tissue repair, release the body’s natural painkilling chemicals, accelerate the lymphatic system to reduce swelling, increase RNA and DNA synthesis to replace damaged cells faster, promote cell proliferation and modality and boost white blood cells and thereby enhance the immune system. It is completely safe and the soothing warmth can help melt away discomfort and muscle soreness.

Light Force Therapy has tons of benefits for us humans and also for animals. For humans, it could be use for Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Joint Problems, Chronic back pain, Sore muscles, Tooth and Gum disease, Headache, Stress, Asthma, Sinus problems, Whiplash cuts and bruises, Bedsores, Burns, and Post Surgery (faster healing). For animals, LFT is use for Ligaments Inflammation, Sore or abscessed feet, Laminitis/Founder (horses), Deteriorating coffin bone (horses), healing open or deep puncture wounds, prevent the formation of scar tissue, alleviate Arthritis symptoms, post-event soreness, calming nerves before an event, optimizing health and performance, jump-start the immune system and energizing the acupressure points.

Light Force Therapy works fantastically making it extraordinarily effective.

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