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The origin of the Reflexology Map and its Usage


The reflexology map is another way of saying a reflexology chart. As with the reflexology chart, the reflexology map is a map of the pressure zones or points in various parts of the body which correspond to other organs and body systems. The pioneers of zone therapy which latter became known as reflexology was a team of doctors working at the Riley School of Chiropractic. Dr. Fitzgerald, Bowen and Starr White founded the theory of Zone Therapy, while Dr. Riley continued the work and was largely responsible for the propagation of the discipline. In his life time, Dr. Riley wrote several books. The last book dating back to 1942, called Zones Therapy has become a classic in modern reflexology courses today. Dr. Riley lectured all over the country, he was known in some circles as the greatest healer of all time.

Both Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Riley were instrumental in the innovation of the reflexology map. Dr. Riley put a lot of emphasis on charts and diagrams of various reflex zones in the human body. His reflexology map of the ten different zones may not have been colorful like the ones we have today, but they were invaluable tools to both the practitioners back then and the practitioners of today as well.

Dr. Riley’s hand reflexology map was extremely detailed leaving no area of the hand, fingers, and wrists unaccounted for. The ear reflexology map or chart that was first developed by Dr. Riley is still available for sale at the Modern Institute of Reflexology. Dr. Riley even created a reflex zone drawing or reflexology map for the face.

Dr. Riley was not alone in his development of reflexology maps, several of the doctors did work in this area. The chart or reflexology map of one side of the human body was created by Dr. Fitzgerald. He clearly marked meridian points by numbers, for example zone 3 and 4 represented the Eustachian tube and middle ear combined, while zone 4 was just the middle ear alone. According to his research there was twelve meridian points in all and they could all be accessed through manipulating and stimulating the feet. Dr. Fitzgerald was also noted for applying pressure by squeezing the fingers and fingertips to reduce pain in various areas of the body.

Dr. Eunice Stopfel created reflexology maps of the feet and was renowned for her writings about extracting crystals in the human body hovering around nerve endings. This work however has never been authenticated, though the Modern Institute of Reflexology claims they were able to extract a crystal from a human body and examine it.

Modern reflexologists have advanced the work of these great pioneers and have created some new reflexology maps. Still, the old standards continue to play a key role in the art of reflexology.

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