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Learning Simple Reflexology Techniques


Did you know that you can promote well being and healing within your own body with a few simple reflexology techniques? It’s really not difficult at all. You can easily administer simple reflexology techniques to your hands before rising in the morning and after you go to bed at night. Make it a habit and you will find that you feel better. Many people suffering from anxiety report that applying pressure to the specific zones in the hands and feet can promote relaxation that is cumulative. The more you practice these techniques the more the bad energy leaves the body and is replaced by calm energy.

Anyone interested in learning simple reflexology techniques should click on to and watch a reflexologist demonstrate the procedure. The therapist explains everything as he/she works, and it is very easy to understand. You see how the therapist uses his/her hands to apply pressure to certain areas. Reflexology treatments are good for everyone. You can learn how to apply the techniques to your infants and children, as well as your partner. It was reported that a wife used simple reflexology techniques on her comatose husband and he responded. Over time the person said that her husband woke up out of his coma and spoke to her. It is amazing what touch can do.

Many people learn the techniques by first being treated by licensed reflexologists. Their doctors may have referred them to a reflexology clinic because the patient didn’t want to take prescribed medications for their pain and discomfort. By learning the simple reflexology techniques you can promote relaxation and healing every day of the week. Administering the techniques yourself may not replace seeing a reflexologist, but it does provide continuity in your own level of health care.

By applying simple reflexology techniques to your fingers, hands and wrists you can promote health and healing to every area of your body. By applying firm, but gentle pressure and massage to the fingers of both hands, starting at the ends of your fingers, you can promote health and wellbeing to your ears, eyes, brain and hair follicles on both sides of your body. Each hand represents one-half of the body. By massaging your thumbs with gentle pressure, not enough to hurt, you can affect the thyroid gland, sinuses and your spinal column.

Did you know that simple reflexology techniques applied to the fleshy part of your thumbs can help relieve the pain of a sore throat? These techniques, when done on a regular basis, will help to promote healing and wellness throughout the body. A combination of movements, pinching, rubbing and pulling on specific areas of the fingers and hands can affect the whole body.

Did you know that applying pressure in the center of the anterior wrist can help relieve back pain? Move your pressure upwards a little bit and you can relieve nausea. If you would like to learn more about simple reflexology techniques you may want to contact a reflexology professional, or you may want to purchase a book written specifically as a guide to learning the techniques.

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