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Reflexology Foot Map: Types and Sites to Choose From


When we review foot reflexology, we no doubt will come across the areas of the foot that have been mapped out for us; to give us a quick reference to the various organs and systems of the body that can benefit from the healing offered through reflexology. It is important to consult a reflexology foot map to know that we are massaging the proper area to correct a problem that we have been having.

A reflexology foot map is a wonderful tool to guide us along the road of good health care. A reflexology foot map is also known as a reflexology foot chart and there are numerous reflexology foot maps to choose from. Relexologists; both practitioners and teachers alike, use the reflexology foot map in their private practice and in the classroom setting.

A foot reflexology map can be as large as a wall chart for classroom purposes or as small as a thumbnail drawing within a text book. For the layperson who just wishes to relieve stress or sooth tired burning feet at home, there are reflexology maps that illustrate the reflex points within the foot. They provide effective instruction on how to massage the areas of the foot to hit your target goal. Whether it be stimulating the thyroid gland, or massaging the heart, a foot reflexology map will pinpoint you to exact area on the foot to utilize.

The development of reflexology socks is an interesting concept to provide easy instruction coupled with a practical use. Reflexology socks allow an individual to have a foot massage just about anywhere without having to carry extra baggage around with them. Simply sit down, relax, kick off your shoes and commence. You can do this individually or joyously with a partner.

A basic internet search will bring you to various sites that will sell a reflexology foot map for your personal convenience. There are many sites to choose from.

If you live in the UK or US, the site provides information and maps of the foot. The areas that they have mapped on the foot correspond to several body organs and areas including: Adrenal Gland, lower back, liver, arm, elbow, eye, face, groin, bladder, gall bladder, sciatic nerve, brain, head, breast, heart, chest, fallopian tubes, colon, pancreas, diaphragm, elbow, lung, ear, lower back, upper back, spine, tailbone, eye, ileocaecal valve, solar plexus, gums, shoulder, tops of shoulders, jaw, teeth, stomach, kidney, sinus, neck, brain stem, liver, spleen, spine, knee, leg, lymph glands, parathyroid gland, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, thymus, small intestine.

For more information and a vmore interactive group setting, you can visit Kevin Kunz’s reflexology group on

You can go to various sites such as, and to find the right reflexology foot map (reflexology foot chart) for your personal use.

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