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Ear Reflexology There is More to it Than Simply What you Hear


Ear reflexology is not new as is commonly believed; in fact it has been around as long as hand and foot reflexology. Hippocrates, considered the founder of modern medicine manipulated the ears as a form of birth control. Though we know today that ears were not effective as birth control agents we can clearly see the importance the ancients put on these two organs. Ear reflexology has been used for centuries, several millenniums in china, Persia, the Arab countries, ancient Rome and Greece as a treatment for the relief of sciatica.

In modern times the work of Dr. William Fitzgerald promoted foot, hand, and ear reflexology in his scientific papers and books. Over the years, ear reflexology somehow took a back step to foot and hand reflexology but is now once again recognized for its healing properties. Modern day ear reflexology has evolved from the older “Aucular therapy” also known as acupuncture of the ears.

The older Chinese form of ear reflexology is based on the meridians of the body while western ear reflexology concentrates on zones or reflex points within the ear. In Chinese reflexology the chi or energy is reflected within the ear and they believe that a person having long thick ears will have a long and healthy life. Each ear is unique and like the kidneys, they are important to a person’s well being. A person who is a good listener will also have good kidneys according to this ancient belief. The Buddha is often portrayed as having long earlobes, reflecting his wisdom, longevity, and general good health. The ears are like gateways to the inner being of the person and can be read in order to reveal the inner nature of the client and thus detect any imbalances within the human body.

The process of ear reflexology requires the stimulation of strategic reflex areas within the ears that are said to correspond to other body organs and systems. Yet, unlike acupuncture the ears are massaged without the use of needles. The technique used for stimulation is different from hand and foot reflexology because the ears are much smaller in size.

The Universal College of Reflexology has found that ear reflexology is very effective in working with muscular and skeletal problems. They say they have witnessed clear cut results in only a few minutes of massage (treatment). Some of their clients have had chronic conditions that have improved with ear reflexology. The Universal College of Reflexology offers both on campus and a comprehensive home study program to get you started on your personal journey to good health or your wonderful career in ear reflexology. The course explains both the western and eastern approaches to ear reflexology which are similar yet different in its applications.

The use of magnets in the ear has become an ear reflexology aid. The benefits from these magnets are said to include weight loss, an aid in the cessation of smoking, menopause, stress, nervous tension, anxiety, tinnitus, pain, hair loss, prostrate problems and more.

Ear reflexology like foot and hand reflexology is a lot more than just the manipulation of zones within the ear to promote good health. An ear reflexology chart will acquaint you with the reflex points of the ear. Most charts come in color and are clearly labeled. However, you must remember that ear reflexology like any variety of reflexology takes a holistic approach to good health. Besides performing the ear reflexology massage techniques, the practicing reflexologist will draw upon his knowledge of other healing forms, his good listening and communication skills, his empathy and support and other people skills.

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