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Foot Reflexology: Not Just Your Basic Massage


Foot reflexology dates back to over 5000 years starting from the east and slowly traveling to the west where it made its debut in Russia. The ancients were aware of the importance of good foot care, evidence shows in hieroglyphics on the tomb of Ankhmahor, the chief overseer and possible physician to the great Pharoahs where foot diagrams reflecting modern day foot reflexology points are mapped out. We can see similar diagrams of the Hindu god Vishnu feet where Sanskrit symbols are precisely located in modern day foot reflexology zones.

Modern day foot reflexology is often accredited to work of Dr. William Fitzgerald and associates at the Riley School of Chiropractic in Washington, in 1913. Doctors Fitzgerald, Bowen and Starr White wrote about their work in this new field of foot massage. They discovered how certain areas or zones in the foot corresponded with various body organs. Dr. Fitzgerald founded zone therapy and is accredited with producing the first foot reflexology charts.

The foot reflexology technique is designed to massage the foot and help you relax as well as stimulate other parts of the body. But it is much more than just a foot massage as this approach to holistic medicine does not only concentrate upon the foot but reflexologists concentrate on the person as a whole. The reflexologist will work with people, find out the different health issues facing them, empathize, support and attempt to therapeutically correct the body imbalance caused by years of stress and strain upon various organs and systems. Reflexologists work with body and soul and claim to touch upon the areas upon which “modern medicine” so often neglects.

Advanced foot reflexology goes beyond foot massage; it incorporates the mind, body and soul. Reflexologists maintain that by doing a foot reading they can ascertain a person’s life style and general wellbeing, they profess that, “The mental, physical and psychological history of the person is spelled out with such accuracy.” Sometimes a person comes to a reflexologist with simply the mention that, “I do not feel well” and the reflexologist begins to analyze the foot to see where the body imbalance originates. Some common indicators of stress within the body can be found by detecting, calluses, bunions, corns and knobby toes, other indications include an unusual tenderness experienced when touching the feet. At this point, the reflexologist will target the stress areas and corresponding organs within the body.

Besides going to a reflexologist, you can obtain information on the web, through your library or bookstore as well. Several excellent books are on the market, one that is highly recommended is The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology by Barbara Kunz, an expert in the area of reflexology. This book is easily found on

Always remember that if the body is experiencing an imbalance through foot reflexology this imbalance can be reversed or corrected for most common ailments. A serious note of caution, foot reflexology is to be used in conjunction with standard medical practice and should never be considered as an application that can be used alone especially if one is suffering from major medical conditions.

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