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Reflexology DVD: Seeing is Believing and Benefiting at the Same Time


Anyone interested in reflexology might want to consider purchasing a DVD on the subject. A reflexology DVD will not only tell you all about the subject of reflexology, but it will show you where every organ and system is represented on the front of your hands and on the soles of your feet.

In a reflexology DVD you will see a reflexologist applying pressure to the feet or the hands. The hands and feet are divided into areas or zones that have more than 700 nerve endings that connect with certain areas inside the body. You can go online and purchase DVDs for under $15.00 or you can go on eBay and purchase a reflexology DVD for under $5.00. Two such DVDs, Massage Practice for Reflexology and Chinese Medicine Reflex Hand Massage can be bought without having to bid in the (buy now) category for about $5.00 each.

Reflexology isn’t new, in fact it is ancient. It has been rediscovered as an alternative form of health care. In our feet and hands we have pressure sensors that alert us when we are in danger. Our bodies are equipped with built in fight or flight responses to react to danger. What happens is that our body reacts as a response to the stimulus which spells danger or fear both of which will produce stress within the body. Adrenaline surges through the body, we breathe deeper and faster to pump oxygen into our lungs.

In a similar way reflexologists locate the nerve endings in our feet and hands to stimulate certain responses. By massaging and manipulating certain zones, the reflexologist can relieve stress in the different organ systems and promote a state of homeostasis (balance) throughout the body and promote healing.

By watching a reflexology DVD you can watch the therapist work on a client from start to finish. He/she explains what movements are being done and why. The therapist may take the client’s foot in her hands and shake it between his/her hands prior to applying any pressure. This is to start the relaxation process of the foot. Throughout the video the reflexologist explains everything he/she is doing to promote healing and gives the rationale behind it.

Anyone not familiar with reflexology, who wants to know more about the subject can go to and watch a video, or they he/she can purchase a reflexology DVD anywhere they are advertised online. There are so many reasons why one would want to be massaged by a reflexologist. Men and women with migraine headaches can be helped through reflexology massage. Women with PMS symptoms report relief from the pain, irritability and bloating associated with premenstrual syndrome.

If you are watching a reflexology DVD, for the first time, pay attention to the technique. Watch how the therapist applies pressure to the feet and hands. Watch how the reflexologist uses his/her thumbs, fingers and hands to massage the specific areas to promote relaxation and healing to the specific organ systems of the body.

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