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Free Reflexology Charts: They are out There


The beginning student or layperson interested in dabbling in the art of reflexology will no doubt want some free reflexology charts. The subject of reflexology is truly satisfying especially when practiced. The novice will quickly learn that certain areas of the body such as the feet, hands, ears, and head are reflex areas that when manipulated or massaged will promote healthy tissue and organ health. No doubt to know exactly where to manipulate the foot, hand, ear, or feet is quite tricky. The student will need the aid of free reflexology charts; at least in the beginning. As the student becomes more involved in the art of reflexology or becomes interested in becoming a teacher or practitioner then, would be the time to invest money for a worthwhile career.

If you do a Google search for reflexology charts you will come up with tons of sites selling reflexology charts, but to find free reflexology charts is a bit harder. Do not fret or worry, there are free reflexology charts out there. Here are a few sites to investigate for your free reflexology charts.

An excellent site for information on reflexology can be found at the American Academy of Reflexology they also run the   and sites.

You will find free reflexology charts offered by expert reflexologist, Bill Flocco there. This site offers an ear, foot, and hand chart as well as free books and other materials. These free reflexology charts are in black and white only and are quite small but they are place to start. The site does offer an email address to contact them for further information:

It would be very practical and easier to understand and read if you could obtain free reflexology charts in color. The reflex zones that you are particularly interested in will stand out in color whereas in black and white you will have to look a little more closely. Color is also easier on the eyes as it jumps out to you. You will have to concentrate and perhaps strain your eyes to see the zones clearly when using black and white charts.

However, if black and white is the only option available open to you, do not let that become a handicap, if the printing is small and you have the chart as a download, adjust your printing size, or zoom feature on your computer. If you have printed it to full size and still find the chart is too small, go to a photocopier machine or service and have it blown up. Remember, don’t give up there are always options available. will send you two high quality free reflexology foot charts to you by email, because their philosophy is that everyone should have foot reflexology chart to promote good health. will also send you free reflexology foot charts in word format if you provide your email address.

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