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Reflexology Charts: Mapping out Your Path to Better Health


The philosophy behind the art of reflexology is the premise that there are certain reflex sites found on the hand and feet which actually correspond with different organ and systems of the body. By producing pressure on these sites, through pressure/touch, message, or squeezing, the corresponding organs and body systems can benefit from the procedure. Reflexology charts are useful for mapping out the exact reflex site aligned with the corresponding body part. Evidence of ancients reflexology charts are found on Egyptian tombs.

Modern reflexology charts generally show the diagram of a hand, foot or ear with the zones mapped out. Reflexology charts are very colorful with a different color or shade representing different organs or systems of the body. The reflexology charts can be numbered and labeled to assist in ease of location for the practitioner to effectively locate the zone for treatment.

Reflexology charts can come in all shapes and sizes from a small book diagram to a large wall size chart effective for classroom instruction. There are some wonderful new tools for home use available as well such as:

Reflexology gloves come with the chart imprinted on them to massage the hands. These colorful reflexology charts are printed on both sides of the gloves so the person doing the application will remember to massage both the front and back of the hand. It is important to note that the reflexology charts on the right and left hand are not identical and not to confuse one with the other while doing the pressure therapy.

Reflexology mats are designed to facilitate exercise and meditation. Reflexology mats have raised bumps along the surface. These bumps will apply pressure to the feet when the individual walks upon them. Thus the individual will not only have a good physical workout but reap the benefit of their healing properties as well. The mats are made out of a soft rubber and are effective in releasing body toxins, stress and fatigue.

Reflexology socks also have the chart imprinted on them. They are stretchable - one size fit all. Generally speaking the recipient will engage another individual to effectively message the feet by following the therapeutic guide. Not only can the socks produce physical holistic health results but can add a psychological bonding or intimacy between couples.

Stimulating these pressure points can improve circulation, relieve stress detoxify the body, release energy trapped within the body and more. Reflexology charts will guide you to the right pressure point to stimulate the organ or body system that you want to concentrate upon.

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