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Foot Reflexology Map: Let Your Feet Travel the Path to Good Health


The foot reflexology chart or diagram is also known as a foot reflexology map. The foot reflexology map is labeled as such because it works like a guide or map pointing out strategic points on the foot in order to trigger corresponding body organs and systems through the use of massage, pressure, and specific thumb and finger manipulations.

Dr. William Fitzgerald of the Riley School of Chiropractic in Washington, DC, 1913-1920 was the originator of the first foot reflexology map. He found that by massaging the foot, his patients would maintain that pain was relieved in other parts of the body. Together with Dr. Edwin Bowen and Dr. George Starr White, Fitzgerald developed the practice and theory of Zone therapy. Later on Dr. Riley the founder of the School of Chiropractic took interest in the new field of zone therapy as a complement to his work in chiropracty.

The physicians who became interested in zone therapy at the time were doctors who believed in a holistic approach to medicine, they advocated drug free medicine and thus performed foot and body massages as a means to relieve pain. Although much of modern reflexology does not use drugs of any kind, creams or lotions, these pioneers did use an artificial apparatus that served as a body massager for zone therapy and chiropractic work. Modern reflexologists can purchase massagers to aid in treatment. The new and improved Dr. Riley’s ultra massager has no doubt been named after the pioneer who dedicated his life work to healing people.

Dr. Riley also used a machine he called the percuss o meter to aid in stimulating the zone pressure points. Pictures of the rudimentary machines can be found on the net or in the archives of the Modern Institute of Reflexology.

There are various tools on the market today to aid in massage procedures for self care and home care use. The layperson can purchase a Reflexycure Probe which is a device that stimulates the KI meridian point on the sole of the foot. The KI meridian point is located between the second and third metataursal bones in the ball of the foot and is considered to be the solar plexus reflex area. You massage the area by rolling your foot against a wheel designed for this purpose. The exact location may be a bit tricky to find and you will need to consult a foot reflexology chart to help guide you in the process.

Many reflexologists prefer to adhere to the strict codes of using key finger and thumb manipulation without the aid of artificial devices. The only instrument they will rely upon is the foot reflexology map, or other types of reflexology maps for guidance but do maintain that these various devices can help facilitate learning for home care use.

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