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Learn the Points From Reflexology Socks


For those interested in giving self reflexology massage there is a product on the market called reflexology socks. A novice can learn the technique from reflexology socks because the pressure points on the feet are color coded on the socks. Right away you know where the pressure points are. There is a chart that comes with the socks that tells you what part of the body is represented by the schematic diagram on the socks.

For whatever part of the body that you want to affect through touch you only need to use gentle pressure with your thumb and forefinger. It is advised to use the socks as a tool to help you memorize where the pressure points are on your feet. Use the socks on yourself or on your friend or partner. To be sure that you are indeed learning the pressure points from reflexology socks, try to find the specific areas with your eyes closed. You should be able to find the pressure points corresponding with their organs and systems without looking. Finding them should be second nature to you over time.

Reflexology socks are a great teaching tool because they are a visual aid. They are fun to look at and certainly they would be a conversation piece, to say the least. However, for someone who has not been taught the art of reflexology, the socks make it simple. Wherever you hurt, just slip on a pair and ask someone to massage your pain and tension away; nothing for you to do but close your eyes and enjoy.

Reflexology is similar to acupressure, in that when pressure is administered to a specific zone on the feet, as shown on reflexology socks, this relieves stress to the corresponding organ the zone represents. Reflexology treatments relieve stress and unblock nerve receptors allowing for the pathway between the zone on the foot and the corresponding body part to come into a state of homeostasis or balance. In turn, reflexology promotes healing and a state of well being.

Reflexology socks are a wonderful way to teach your children about reflexology. Children learn by taking a hands-on approach; what better way than to learn to apply pressure on the specific zones. Children soak up information like sponges; the more you teach them, the more they want to learn. Reflexology socks are just plain fun.

You can purchase them at, Earth Therapeutics and Nextag, and other places online. Reflexology socks are sold in pairs. They come in one standard size; one size fits all, and are made of a stretchy cotton lycra blend. Reflexology socks are fairly inexpensive at $10 to $12 on line. You can get them even cheaper, under $5 before shipping on eBay. Follow washing instructions, most come with directions to wash on the delicate cycle.

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