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Free Reflexology Chart: Some Resourceful ways of Getting Freebies


Reflexology charts can be found almost anywhere: in bookstores, libraries, the classrooms, on reflexology mats, on reflexology socks, online, and so on. But what does a person do when they want to obtain a free reflexology chart? Perhaps you are simply curious about the subject of reflexology and you are not ready to commit to the belief or discipline just yet. You want to have some more knowledge on the subject and background or material before you invest any money. Of course when this is the case you will be looking for all the free aids and material that you can find and yes that will include a free reflexology chart.

Perhaps the interest in the subject is there but the funds just are not. Again you will need to be resourceful and be able to get a free reflexology chart and all the other material and aids that you can find.

Many students barely have the means to pay for their tuition fees at various institutions so purchasing material on top of their dues becomes a financial burden. Fortunately some courses do provide a free reflexology chart for students along with other instruction material. When looking into the various courses and institutes for reflexology you would be prudent to find out in advance if a free reflexology chart is provided in the material or if this is something you have to pay for out of your pocket.

Though it might not be the best of options, if there is a wall chart in the classroom, you may need to reproduce the chart by hand, making sure to get all the labeling in and the areas mapped out in the right order and location. It may be long and tedious but not all is lost, you will learn the material much easier than a student who has not had to do this laborious task. You can truly say that you earned your free reflexology chart because you manually reproduced it yourself.

Perhaps you are not a student but you do know one. You can then ask to photocopy the handouts that you will need to get a taste of the subject. Surely a student would have a free reflexology chart for you.

Some students, who lack sufficient funds to purchase text books and supplies, often buy second hand text books and second hand starter kits for reflexology and within these tools you will certainly find a free reflexology chart.

Some students are so financially strapped that they cannot afford to buy the text books. Since many courses have text book illustrations of reflexology charts, some students have resorted to photocopying text book material. However be careful about this option, there are copyright material laws.

If you are simply interested in looking at a chart and not actually considering keeping it, you can get a free reflexology chart by taking out a library book, or borrowing from a friend.

Finally do a Google search for a free reflexology chart and see what you can come up with.

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