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Reflexology Chart: The Ultimate aid in the Science of Reflexology


Reflexology also known as zone therapy is the practice of using pressure points in strategic areas of the body namely, hands, ears, and feet to aid in the maintenance of general well being. Practitioners usually map out the various reflex or pressure points necessary to the body’s well being with the aid of a reflexology chart. A reflexology chart is a quick reference to the various pressure points found in the body. By using a reflexology chart the practitioner is sure to locate the appropriate pressure point for the corresponding organ or system in the body that is needed to be stimulated or messaged back to health.

A reflexology chart can be very colorful bringing the eye immediately to the areas of the body that correspond to the pressure, message, or squeezing done by the practitioner. The use of a reflexology chart as a visual aid can be more accurate than just written instructions. Seeing the picture of where to apply pressure, leaves less room for error than trying to figure it out from a written set of instructions. Each area of the body would be color coded in a reflexology chart. Not only does this quick visual aid help the practitioner in locating the exact spot to apply pressure on the foot, hand or ear, it can be extremely helpful for the layperson who wishes to practice reflexology for reasons of self improvement.

For the student of reflexology, a color coded reflexology chart is particularly useful for the visual learner since each area of the body is mapped out and coded in a different color. For example, the heart is represented in red, the eyes in light blue, the lung and breast in green, the bladder in yellow and so on. Different shades of the same color may represent different organs or systems in the body. It is well understood that charts make wonderful visual aids for students to get a different perspective or understanding on the material that must be learned. Not only are these reflexology charts available in the classroom setting, but they are widely available for the layperson in books, videos, or dvds. Furthermore a Google search will bring you to various articles displaying reflexology charts as well.

Reflexology offers aid in reducing stress, eliminating pain, ridding the body of toxins, unblocking tension and blocked energy and revitalizing the body. For the layperson who wishes to try this procedure without the expense of a qualified reflexologist, investing in a book with a reflexology chart can help cut down on expenses, but of course does not replace the expertise of a professional.

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