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Massaging Your way to Good Health Using the Foot Reflexology Chart


The theory of manipulating the foot in such a way as to apply pressure, massage, or squeezing specific locations that correlate to different areas in the body is an ancient practice. There are 10 such zones on the foot that have been mapped out and reproduced on a foot reflexology chart.

A foot reflexology chart is a very useful instrument that can be used for teaching purposes. The teacher of reflexology can use a large wall foot reflexology chart to illustrate the various pressure points. The student of reflexology can use a much smaller foot reflexology chart or diagram which is easily assessable in text books. There are books written specifically for the layman who just wants to learn and practice this ancient art for self improvement purposes as well.

Basically a foot reflexology chart is quite colorful, implementing a different color or shade for the zones or pressure points that correspond to a body part. For example, the color red is used to locate the site needed to be manipulated on the foot to stimulate the heart organ. A foot reflexology chart will also be labeled as an added measure to avoid mistakes. This quick and easy reference is particularly useful for visual learners who normally get boggled down with written instruction. It is also very useful for the student who enjoys the attention to fine detail. Now the student and practitioner alike can rest assured that they can practice their technique for therapeutic purposes with utmost precision.

The reflexology experts are constantly developing new instruments to aid in the understanding and practice of reflexology. Besides the courses offered to students who whish to become practitioners, the various reflexology institutions and practitioners do realize that there are a growing number of laypeople who do not want to practice reflexology; they simply want to learn this holistic art for their own personal use. They have come to realize that a good foot message has many medicinal purposes.

Few people would argue the fact that a foot massage performed after a long hard day at work can lift a person’s mood, circulate endorphins within the body, stimulate the blood flow and relieve stress. There is nothing more pleasant than a relaxing foot massage for those tired, aching burning feet. But over an above massaging the foot for the sake of massage, the foot reflexology chart does show the corresponding areas of the body that will be massaged at the same time.

The nurse, for example, or waitress that walks and talks all day long on the job, not only would be taking care of her poor tired and often swollen feet, with the foot reflexology chart she would also be capable of massaging her voice box, (larynx) by massaging the corresponding area on the foot. She would have easy access to exact location of the voice box through a foot reflexology chart found in the conventional books, or on the internet, or most recently, on a pair of foot reflexology socks. All she would have to do is follow the diagram. There definitely is a foot reflexology chart for just about anyone, anywhere, to use in anyway that is appropriate.

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